How the Cards Work

Inspiration Side:

Photography Posing Cards Volume 2 Wedding

The front of the card gives you a visual inspiration of the pose.

This is where you will get your creative juices flowing.

Instructional Side:

Each Posing Card™ has a series of instructional steps to guide you to the pose,

and to set you up for easy “lead in” poses.

The Talk Section :

This gives you an easy and fun way to guide your couple through words to get them into the pose.

It will get genuine reactions from them that create great photo journalistic moments!

The Instruction Section:

This gives you a step by step of how to get your couple into the pose, as well as other lead in poses.

It will also give you tips to get genuine reactions and smiles.

What to Watch for Section:

This will remind you of what to watch for so that your pose is a perfect one!

It will also guide you through various body types and how to adjust for them.

Body Type Key:

Not every pose is right for certain body types.

The copyrighted and trademarked process behind Posing Cards will tell

you quickly if the pose you are looking for will fit the body type(s) of your subject(s).

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