Posing Boudoir can be very intimidating for both you and your client. Most people doing a boudoir session may be nervous and not know how to pose.  Posing Cards was designed to be small enough to fit into a pocket of camera bag so you can quickly reference a pose, get help on how to make it perfect and find poses for specific body types. Your client will be comfortable, feel sexy and feel empowered.
  • Inspirational Image on Front
  • How to Get to Pose and Critiques on Back of Card
  • Instructions and quick start cards for poses
  • Posing Do’s and Don’t cards
  • 23 unique posing cards per volume to make you look like a photographer super star!
  • Rapid Pose System let’s you get faster poses for quicker portraits
  • Different poses for all body types and heights!
  • Snap Ring to hold Cards so you can mix decks based on your couples body types