“If you struggle with body types like I did when Photographing,

this is the BEST posing system, PERIOD.”

Zack B.

Buy Wedding Posing Cards

Do you ever struggle with couples during a session or even worse, on a wedding day?

Does your couple feel or look awkward, creating a less than stellar experience?

Introducing Posing Cards™!

The effective posing system that will not only inspire you, but also direct you on how to pose your couples.

From movie star poses to un posed organic moments, these cards will make you look and feel like the professional photographer you are!

They will have a fantastic experience, you will have epic photos and the referrals will start pouring in!

“Hands down the best posing system on the planet.”

-Cindy D.

Photography Posing Cards Volume 1

Wedding Couples Volume 1

20 Posing Instructional Cards

Photography Posing Cards Volume 2 Wedding

Wedding Couples Volume 2

20 Posing Instructional Cards

Looking at your phone on the wedding day can seem rude and takes too long to swipe through digital poses. Posing Cards was designed to be small enough to fit into a pocket of camera bag so you can quickly reference a pose, get help on how to make it perfect and find poses for specific body types. Your couples will be comfortable that you will get perfect organic laughters while they are perfectly posed.
Each Wedding Day Posing Decks contains:
  • Inspirational Image on Front
  • How to Get to Pose and Critiques on Back of Card
  • Instructions and quick start cards for Weddings
  • Posing Do’s and Don’t cards
  • 20 unique posing cards per volume to make you look like a photographer super star!
  • Rapid Pose System let’s you get faster poses for quicker portraits
  • Different poses for all body types and heights!
  • Snap Ring to hold Cards so you can mix decks based on your couples body types
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